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We Live Stream every Sunday afternoon at 3:00pm and also have Bible on site and Live Streaming every Wednesday at 7:00pm. Pastor Edwin Torman and Lady Torman are the founders and Pastor of JIBANAN JESUS MINISTRIES, INC.

We the Jiban An Jesus Church, God has called the church courteously to response to the call of Jesus Christ to deliver his Gospel to places are far and near to experience the spiritual goodness of God love and passion for all men kind. Also, to extremely want to received the pouring of the Holy Spirit in the last days.

The church started in November 23, 2008 in South Sacramento as a Family Church until April 13, 2011 was officially a Church. Then since that time in until now, we are still opening. In addition, the church was established to provide religious services in the following locations Prisons, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, and Out Reach Programs. Other then these was TV Network, Food Network, Clothing and other Community Assistant Programs.