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About Us

PowerNetwork has been launched as a faith-based network dedicated to spreading the Gospel and inspiring everyone to be who God created them to be. We welcome and thank you for letting us be part of your journey.


POWERNETWORK TV offers Inspiration, Encouragement, and Enlightment through our daily broadcast which features ministers from around the globe. Consider becoming a partner with POWERNETWORK TV.



POWERNETWORK continue to present programming that is not only relevant but encouraging and persausive for all of our viewers respectfully and addressing the very issues that affect our daily lives. This is why POWERNETWORK endeavors to keep content that is powerful and assist in your spiritual growth.

With our extended media resources and additions POWERNETWORK can now reach over 40 Millions Homes on a Global scale.


Some of your Questions answered in one place.

Questions and Answers:

What does it cost to broadcast on PowerNetwork?
Our fee's to broadcast are $35 per week for a 30 minute programming slot.
How do I send my Videos to you?
You may send your content to us through DropBox. We will create a DropBox folder specifically for your video content, this is the most efficient tool or if your videos are stored on YouTube we will be able to download them.
Would I have to edit my videos?
We currently do not have the staff to edit every video content that we receive, but if it is necessary we can get it done for any additional $5.00 per video.

Questions and Answers:

I need a Intro/Outro for my video content?
We can create an INTRO/OUTRO for a one time fee of $70.00 which can be used for all of you future content being sent to PowerNetwork.
Must I sign a contract to be a part of PowerNetwork?
Absolutely not.
Can I cancel at anytime?
Yes. Cancellation is at your discretion you can cancel anytime.

Questions and Answers:

What do I need to get started?
Any type of computer or laptop to ensure you videos reach us.
What time slots are currently available?
Give us a call so that we may discuss what is available and best for you.
Where will my video content be seen and heard?
PowerNetwork is currently on ROKU TV, AMAZON FIRE TV, APPLE TV, ANDROID, iOS and THE MIRACLE NETWORK. In addition if you have audio content or desire to have your video content on our Radio-Podcast we can convert your video content into audio which can be on our Christian Radio-Podcast which includes: iHeartRADIO, iTunes, Google Play Podcast, Spotify, TuneIn, and ALEXA. This is part of the package at no additional cost.

Questions and Answers:

How many homes are you currently reaching?
With the expansion of our Network we are reaching well over 70 Million Homes Globally.
How do I signup?
Send us a email or just give us a call and someone will contact you right away (916) 243-6805.


In The Eyes Of A Lad

Dr. Ronald S. Hobson

$11.99 USD
Josh Clark

Cheryl Weston

$10.99 USD
Mary Jane

Dr. D.S. Briggs

$10.99 USD
Nix Maxwell

Dr. D.S. Briggs

$10.99 USD

Spreading The Word

with Dr. Kenneth L. Davis, CEO & Founder - PowerNetwork

A husband, father, grandfather and speaker who has impacted lives through his ministry. He previously was the pastor of Encouraging Faith Ministries. Today he is the founder and Chancellor of Encouraging Faith Theological University. He previously began his career as a Computer Programmer Analyst (U.S. Army and Federal Govt), also as a Computer Science Instructor for Central Texas College-Far East Division (Seoul, Korea). Born and raised in the Bronx, New York, he currently lives in Roseville, CA with his wife Rhonda Davis.

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